Titipat's doctoral defense, 12 May 2021

Dear friends and colleages,

I would like to invite you to my doctoral dissertation defense on June 8, 2021 from 10.30 AM to 12 PM (EST). I will summarize what I have been working on during my PhD. The title and abstract is below. Due to the COVID situation, the meeting will be on Zoom. You can see the Zoom link and the passcode below. I put the password in plain text just in case of Zoom bombing. You can put a sequence of number for an access. I also put a link where you can add the event directly to Google Calendar.

Really looking forward to see you all!


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Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve scientific processes

Scientific information has been growing exponentially over the past decades. Arguably, traditional processes of doing science cannot keep up with this growth. This expansion has a scaling impact on scientific activities such as funding, the review process, conferences, and exploring the literature. To improve on the traditional scientific processes, useful tools and understanding of these processes are crucial. This dissertation advances the scientific processes by incorporating knowledge and tools from natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). We discuss the applications in three applications of scientific endeavors including (1) extracting scientific claims for scientific literature, (2) improving on traditional conferences with data driven approaches, and (3) understanding the funding process using content of applications. To complement our findings, we provided open-source softwares, tools, and real-world implementation for other researchers. In sum, this thesis serves as both a conceptual point of view and a proof-of-concept implementation of how we can improve science through the use of ML and NLP.

Meeting: https://upenn.zoom.us/j/93750249969
Passcode: (two)(two)(four)(eight)(six)(five)