My name is Titipat Achakulvisut, a PhD student in the Department of Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania working with Konrad Kording. You can find out more info about me in my CV

I collaborate with Daniel Acuna in a relatively new field known as Science of Science. You can also find out about other projects on my Github @titipata.

Here are some of my projects with @daniel-acuna and @evadyer

Pubmed Parser XML parser for Pubmed OA and MEDLINE dataset, see this link Recommendation of posters and PubMed articles based on preferences see,
Visualization of all universities in the world, their topics, and expertise
Computational Neuroscience NERDS

Here is a list of softwares that I generally use

Programming Python, PySpark, Matlab, R, Mathematica, etc.
Editor Atom, Emacs
Others LaTeX
Cloud Computing Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Computing


I also run a blog, written in Thai (with few English blogs), with @bluenex named tupleblog where we post geeky, programming related articles.

Stack Overflow and Open Source

Apart from my blog, I also answer Python and PySpark questions on Stack Overflow and contribute to open-source projects including glm-tools/pyglmnet, PhABC/neuroSummerSchools, rkcosmos/deepcut, MrChrisJohnson/implicit-mf, benfred/implicit, etc.



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